Erik Dahl Ensemble

Erik Dahl Ensemble – GETHENIAN SUITE

Can a book be translated into sound? On the basis of Ursula Le Guin’s science fiction classic The Left Hand of Darkness the composer Erik Dahl has created a musical suite. It is a journey into the universe of the book. Crisp and evocative projections add a visual dimension. A cinematic concert experience in the borderlands between chamber music, jazz and space pop.

Erik Dahl Ensemble:

Anna Cochrane, violin/viola
Andreas Thurfjell, alto/baritone saxophone
Anna Malmström, clarinet/bass clarinet
Erik Dahl, piano/electronics
Tove Brandt, double bass
William Soovik, drums/percussion

Album released march 2020


Practical info:

Length: approx. 60 min
Composition: Erik Dahl
Photo/Trailers: Magnus Bergström
Visuals: Ida Sondell

The music is written for sextet, but we have occasionally performed in smaller constellations. Sometimes that is a good option. We perform the music with or without the projections depending on the situation. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Erik Dahl is a composer who combines different traditions into a sound of his own. Strong melodic lines form the centre of a rich musical landscape. Awarded Göteborgs Stads Kulturstipendium for 2017. 


Gethenian Suite is a piece of original music. It is to be regarded as separate from Le Guin’s work and is not officially endorsed by The Estate of Ms. Le Guin.

Thank You:
Premiere Concert (2018) with support from Göteborgs Kulturnämnd
Album (2020) released with support from Swedish Arts Council